Whether its for insurance purposes or you just want to know the value of your piano, then we are here to help.

We can give you a valuation by visiting your piano or one of our approved tuners can carry out a valuation assessment and then send the details to us for an accurate valuation. We do charge a small fee to carry out a valuation service, but it is just to cover our cost of transport and time, and we can then issue you with a Piano Valuation Certificate.

We are approached by many of the big instrument insurance companies to carry out valuation and carry out insurance claim work. So you can be assured you are in good hands and getting the best expertise and service.


When valuing a piano there are many factors to take into consideration. If your piano is a famous brand like Bechstein, Bluthner, Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai, etc. and is less than 20 years old, then it will usually have a fairly high valuation.

Modern pianos that have been made in Germany, UK, Japan or Czech Republic are usually high quality.

Pianos made in China or Eastern Europe are usually made from cheap materials (there are exceptions to the rule though). We have seen pianos that are just 5 years old that look great on the outside, but the parts on the inside are completely worn and the sound is very harsh.

We need to look at several factors:

  • Is the instrument in original condition or has work been carried out and by whom.
  • It the wrest plank (tuning plank) and soundboard cracked and therefore not holding tune
  • Has the piano been regularly tuned and serviced?
  • How old and how a desirable model is the piano?

So often a beautiful looking piano that is over 100 years old, that has brass candlestick holders, intricate engraving, original parts inside and beautifully shaped legs is more than likely worthless. In fact, you would do well for someone to take the piano away from you. Usually you would have to pay around £60 to £90 to have the piano removed from your house and dumped.

This sounds a little unforgiving, but it is reality. We like to be honest and tell you exactly how it really is. However, the same piano which is fully rebuilt could be worth up to 20k plus.

When looking factors that will effect the value of your piano, the conditions it has been kept in.

We can of course guide you through all of this offering completely impartial advice.