Whether it’s a minor repair or quite severe damage, at Piano Restorations we have the skills to fix it. We can often visit you to make small repairs to your piano, but more serious repairs that require time and specialist tools, we will admit the piano to our Piano Facility for the work to be carried out by our highly trained artisans.

Factory Repairs

Major repairs have to be carried out in our modern 5000sq ft factory.

Here we have all the machines, vintage tools and jigs, glues and clamps to make 100% sure your piano is repaired to high standard possible.

We can bring our 16o years of experience to your doorstep but we cannot bring all our tools.

Our factory always has a relative humidity for between 40% and 65%, this ensure it will not be travelling from one extreme to another, very import for pianos.

Once settled we can then begin working our magic, carefully dismantling the instrument to reveal the inner workings.

Work that is usually taken on inside the facility:

  • Soundboard Replacement
  • Bridge Capping
  • Wrest Plank Replacement
  • Restring
  • New Dampers
  • New Hammers
  • Full Action Rebuild
  • New Legs
  • Case Work Re- Polish
  • Veneer Repair
  • Fabrication of New Tops

On Site Repairs

From time to time your piano may develop a fault, this could be something very minor or a sign of your instrument needing major work. Either way we can visit your piano, assess the piano, fixing the offending part or giving you a full estimate of work that needs to be carried out in our workshop.

Removing the piano is a harmless operation taken on by our expert team Butler Smith Transport, who make is look effortless and safe. Our trade discount is always pasted on to our clients keeping this cost to a minimum.

Minor repairs can always be carried out in your home, such as:

  • Broken String
  • Broken shanks
  • Broken Jack
  • Broken Spring
  • Broken Tape
  • Broken Agraffe
  • Loose Ivory
  • Sticky Key
  • Noisy Pedal Movement

For advice or to talk to us about a piano repair, please don’t hesitate to contact us