Steinway Model B – High Gloss Black – circa. 1964

Steinway Model B – High Gloss Black – circa. 1964


A beautiful and elegant grand piano. With stunning period features from one of the histories finest piano builders, this piano has been lovingly brought back to its former glory. With a rich tone and responsive action this piano will satisfy the most demanding pianist.

circa 1964

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The Steinway & Sons Model B is know as the flagship of the fleet and often referred to by pianists as “The perfect piano” and is perfect for the professional or amateur musician who requires the very best piano. Period features and bespoke bright black finish, it has a sound and touch that will satisfy the most demanding musician.

We ONLY use genuine official Steinway Parts in our Steinway Rebuilds and Reconditions.

We have replaced, to Steinway specification:

  • Bridge capping’s
  • Tuning Pins
  • Strings
  • Damper Felts
  • Hammers
  • Shanks
  • Levers

(Note: The soundboard has not been replace and is the original soundboard. The keys have not been replaced and are the original keys.)

We have restored to as new condition the:

  • New bright high gloss black polyester casework
  • Brass Hardware

We have fully regulated and weighed off the action so that it performs to professional concert standard, offering the pianist a precise, fast, responsive and even touch. We have voiced the piano to the unforgetable Steinway tone, providing a rich pure tone.

With the cost of a new Steinway of similar size being in excess of £80,000, our rebuilt or reconditioned piano represents outstanding value for money on a bespoke hand-finished rebuilt instrument.

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