Bechstein Model A – High Gloss Black – circa. 1911-1920

Bechstein Model A – High Gloss Black – circa. 1911-1920


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We only have a part number for this piano but from our research and calculations we can date it between 1911 and 1920 and it is a fine example from that period.

No expense has been spared, this piano has been fully rebuilt and it is now indistinguishable from new.

Early Bechsteins were renowned for flat soundboards , splitting planks and cracking frames.With this piano you do not have to worry about any of those issues, it has a new bespoke soundboard by the most experienced fitters in the trade who have fitted over 1500 soundboards. It has a new multi laminated tuning plank that and although there were cracks in the frame these have been cold stitched, this is the process for repairing cast iron.

The action has been completed rebuilt and benefits from new Abel shanks, rollers and hammerheads. The keys have been recovered in Ivoplast and the action weighed. It is now extremely fluid and responsive holding up to the demands of the most experienced of pianists. The dynamic range is second to none and will give you colour, depth and control. We have a video of fabulous pianists playing the Bechstein which we will add a link shortly.

Work carried out:

New high gloss Polyester finish
All brass work cleaned buffed and lacquered
New Soundboard and bridge capping’s
New tuning planks
Re-gild frame
New top quality strings
New damper felts
Damper action and pedal assembly fully rebuilt
Action fully rebuilt
New key coverings
Tuned to A440
Voiced to the unmistakable Bechstein tone

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