Our Story

Our Story

In September 2015 Piano Restorations commissioned Rocket Communications to produce a promotional video expressing the history, life and craftsmanship of the company. We wanted to engage with the public and express the passion, skill and time that is taken to rebuild such beautiful instruments. The video shows the process of rebuilding an exquisite Bluthner Jubilee from the day it arrives to the fully rebuilt piano. It also features concert pianist Joseph Fleetwood who compossed the music on the video “Moon Light over the River Tay”

The video was filmed over a period of 6 months with the production team from Rocket Communications visiting the piano 6 times over the course of its transformation.

During the filming Colin Leverett describes his 60 years in the piano trade and his passion for such instruments. Followed up in the video is Paul Leverett; Colin’s son, who now manages the day to day running of the business.

The video was released on April 26th 2016 and was the subject of news on Aled Jones’s show on Classical FM. Classic FM proceeded to post the video on their social medial and subsequent the video hit 400k views.

With such success Piano Restorations have commissioned Rocket Communications to produce a further video which is currently being filmed and features the life of a piano from a concert pianists point of view.

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