Bluthner style vii with original signed receipt by Julius Bluthner

We are pleased to have in our possession and for sale a magnificent Bluthner Style VII with the original signed receipt by the founder of Bluthner Piano’s himself Julius Bluthner. Julius Bluthner founded Bluthners Pianos in 1853, in Leipzig, Saxony. His endeavor to build pianos was started by himself and three other craftsman. A deeply religious man, he spoke the words that would shape his company for over 160 years “May God Prevail”. By the 1900’s Bluthner had become the largest [...]

Paul McCartney’s – C’mon People

In 1993 Colin Leverett was approached by ex 10cc member Kevin Godley who directed the music video for Paul McCartney’s C’mon People. Colin was asked to advise on the best order to deconstruct a piano and then reconstruct it. During the music video Paul McCartney sings and plays a Steinway the piano while workmen speedily deconstruct it and rebuild it around him. The song was part of Paul McCartneys album ‘Off The Ground’ and reached number 41 in the UK [...]

Our Story

In September 2015 Piano Restorations commissioned Rocket Communications to produce a promotional video expressing the history, life and craftsmanship of the company. We wanted to engage with the public and express the passion, skill and time that is taken to rebuild such beautiful instruments. The video shows the process of rebuilding an exquisite Bluthner Jubilee from the day it arrives to the fully rebuilt piano. It also features concert pianist Joseph Fleetwood who compossed the music on the video [...]

Where are all the craftmans gone ?

With over 20 years in the trade myself and the last person to serve a full apprenticeship at the only major workshop in the UK, my concerns do grow daily to where the next generation of Piano Technicians will come from ? little or no interest from school leavers over the last 10 years leaves me wondering where this skill set will eventually go. I never intended to become a piano technician but I guess this trade runs through [...]