Colin Leverett started working for Bluthner pianos in Perivale, London back in 1955 with his brother Derrick. Back then just after the war most people had a piano, it lifted people and brought families together in hard times. Colin and Derrick started from the bottom up and became master craftsmen in the piano trade.

In the early 70’s Colin and Derrick were the pioneers in soundboard replacement when it was discovered that shimming a soundboard was not only a temporary solution, but it was injurious to the sound quality of the piano. Colin and Derrick discovered that shimming when shimming a sound board they were unable to create the original tone from the piano and the resonance was interrupted as it travelled down the sound board hitting the shimmed wood. By replacing the sound board and with better technology, Colin and Derrick were able to create a tonal quality and resonance of there own that was unparalleled in the industry.

In 1992, Colin’s son Paul Leverett joined his father and uncle at Bluthners and became the last person to complete the full Bluthner Piano Restoration Apprenticeship. In April 2003, Bluthner UK went into administration, and the showrooms were purchased by Bluthner of Leipzig. With Bluthner’s still requiring high quality rebuilt pianos, and realising there was a gap in the market for high quality restoration work, Colin, Derrick and Paul founded Piano Restorations Ltd in September 2003.

With over 160 years of experience between them, Piano Restorations Ltd are experts in all makes of piano, from Steinway concert grands to domestic uprights. Piano Restorations have been trading for over ten years and has grown from strength to strength, and they have become the first choice worldwide for all who are passionate about pianos.