Artur Pizarro


Artur was first introduced to Leverett family when Paul and Colin were still working at Bluthners repair works West London in the late 90’s

Paul Leverett as young apprentice described meeting a pianist and personality like Artur “was learning experience in itself, It was evident from the beginning Artur’s wealth of knowledge of the piano itself, It is surprising but you would be amazed the amount of pianist who know very little about the workings of the piano. So to speak to a pianist of this level about the different aspects of piano building and both understanding each other was very special.”

“Our paths never crossed again until we formed Piano Restorations Limited when we received a phone call from Artur asking us to go and inspect his Estonia Concert Grand. Meeting Artur that day and discussing what we would do to his quite new Estonia to bring it up to first class playing condition was the start of an amazing friendship and mutual respect for each other.”

Artur’s  Estonia would not be the typical convert grand people would associate with rebuilding and especially one about 20 years old. Artur could obviously see the potential the instrument could give and wanted the Leverett Family to work their magic on the piano. Paul fitted a new Leverett Bespoke Soundboard, which really was the key to the rebuild, along with a full action rebuild, new plank and dampers.

“The piano was fun to work on, quite badly constructed which allowed us to make key alterations to the give a more stable platform on which to rebuild.” Paul Leverett

The final rebuild was a true success, a piano that could really keep it paces with Artur’s other concert grand, a Steinway Model D. The Estonia didn’t have growling base of the model D but the clarity and dynamic range of the instrument was second to none.

Piano Restorations and Leverett family where then commissioned to rebuild the Steinway Model D and then finally a beautiful and sweet Bechstein London baby grand. Many would say why would you invest into a less Bechstein like this, but Artur knows the potential of an instrument, he learnt on this piano as a young man and the piano came back into his life. We fully rebuilt the Bechstein with a new soundboard, and for a piano less than 4’10” in length the tone was tremendous.

Apart from rebuilding private pianos for Artur, Artur has brought Piano Restorations work from top class concert halls across Europe, a Bechstein Concert Grand from Madeira, Yamaha CFIII concert grand from Faro, A Steinway Model D and Grotrian concert grand from Lisbon.

“I cannot thank Artur enough for entering our restoration world and showing extreme faith and mutual respect. I would say that Artur has taught me so many lessons in business, pianos, concert demands and most of all friendship.” Paul Leverret.