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"Piano Restorations have re-built two grand pianos for me. The first, a hundred year old Schiedmayer, now has a sustaining power, depth of tone and richness of sound as good as any modern Steinway. It is, I believe, now in a different league from what it was even when new. Its singing voice is a real pleasure to hear.

The second, a small (5’6”) Bösendorfer, now has a purity of tone and bell-like quality especially in the mid-range and treble that is the equal of a brand new instrument. The bass now provides a sustaining power and depth that is the equal of a larger piano. Its action is more precise, controllable and even than any that I have ever played. Playing it is a pure delight.

The quality of these two pianos has exceeded all my expectations. I had the opportunity to inspect and discuss the restoration work at every stage. The action set-up was adjusted to my specific requirements both in touch and voicing. Piano Restorations even took an active interest in the pianos after they were delivered to me and settled in after many months playing. I cannot recommend Piano Restorations too highly." ... RA

“I can only express my greatest appreciation for the highest quality workmanship and professionalism from all at Piano Restorations!“

“My two Concert Grand pianos have come back worthy of any stage in any major concert-hall or recording studio. I would daresay they are in better condition than on the day I initially purchased them!“

Artur Pizarro
Nov 2007

Artur Pizarro. Piano Restorations


Artur Pizarro. Piano Restorations Artur Pizarro. Piano Restorations






Dear Mr Leverett,

Thank you for restoring my Bluthner grand so expertly. It looks immaculate, sounds absolutely beautiful and you have brilliantly resurrected that very special Bluthner quality.

You have done a great job.

Many thanks, RW


Thank you for bringing our Bechstein back to life. We had neglected it
recently, and I had doubts that, at over 100 years of age, it could
ever be as good again as when we bought it. But your dedicated work on
the piano has resulted in it playing better now than ever, with a
beautiful quality and depth of sound, and it feels set for a long

Colin Matthews